Twitter reacts to Lonzo Ball's absurd debut shoe price

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By now, you probably know that anything LaVar Ball is associated with will receive some kind of debate — and for good reason.

When Lonzo Ball unveiled his debut signature shoe, it was no exception.

After the potential No. 1 pick’s father was denied a sought-after $1 billion partnership between his Big Baller Brand and shoe giants Nike and Under Armour, the Balls produced their own shoe and unveiled it to the public under their own branding on Thursday.

Called “The ZO2”, the shoe looks similar to other traditional basketball kicks. However, there’s one major difference: they’re $495 per pair.

According to Ben Rohrbach of Ball Don’t Lie, that’s outrageously higher than the shoes of many NBA superstars.

“That’s more than twice the cost of any other player’s signature shoe, including Michael Jordan ($185), LeBron James ($175), Kobe Bryant ($160), Kevin Durant ($150) and Stephen Curry ($135). In fact, you can buy four pairs of shoes from Kyrie Irving ($120) or Chris Paul ($115) for the price of one pair of ZO2s,” he wrote.

Note that Lonzo hasn’t yet been drafted or played a single minute in the NBA yet.

There are also apparently special autographed editions priced at nearly a thousand dollars.

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“There is also a limited ZO2 WET Autographs edition, which will come in a key-locked glass box with a floor mirror, LED lights and an autograph from the Chino Hills prodigy himself. It will cost $995,” according to Slam Magazine

As you can imagine, the Twitter world had a field day after this news broke.

Charlotte Hornets Frank Kaminsky remembered when he couldn’t afford Starbury’s.

While LaVar has received criticism for his general intrusiveness into his sons’ basketball lives, maybe we are all just getting played like fools.

The @NOTSportsCenter parody account even got involved and somehow made the Cleveland Browns look good.

It begs the question of who on Earth would ever pay that price for the future rookie’s kicks.

Some don’t see the market reacting as the Balls foresee it.

Lonzo also got Crying Jordan’ed, as expected.

This sideline reporter remembered an interview that she did with Ball, but now realizes that she can’t afford his shoes.

Life comes at you fast.

This was pretty much everyone’s reaction when they saw the price.

This is probably how the conversation went down between the father and son.

Even Shaq weighed in.

While LaVar is clearly in the “any press is good press” camp, the price of the debut shoes is outrageous. But, like anything else he does, it’s to get people talking.

And that’s exactly what everyone’s doing right now.

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