Tyson Fury explains what triggered his depression and suicidal thoughts

It’s been a rollercoaster two years for Tyson Fury, as emotions and bad publicity have threatened to get the better of the British boxer. 

Fury was crowned heavyweight champion back in November 2015 when he beat Wladimir Klitschko but he has not stepped in the ring since and even briefly retired from boxing, following a drugs doping claim.

Following an interview with The Telegraph, Fury opened up at just how tough the last few stages of his life have been and his battle with depression.

“To be honest I didn’t want to live”, said Fury.

“If I had cheated, fine. But I have not cheated. I beat Klitschko on ability, I don’t need a drug.

“I’m a giant already. For them to say that about me, it sent me under.

“I did not want to live anymore. But I feel differently now”.

Back in February 2015, Fury was claimed to be tested positive for banned substance nandrolone by the UK Anti-Doping.

This sent Fury into the darkest period of his life, he said: “There is a name for what I have where, one minute I’m happy, and the next minute I’m sad, like commit suicide sad. And for no reason – nothing’s changed.

“I just live with them. I think I need a psychiatrist because I do believe I am mentally disturbed in some way.

“Maybe it was the fact that when I was a kid we didn’t have a family life. My mother and father were always shouting, screaming and hitting each other.

“My dad had different women and different kids down the road. My mum had 14 pregnancies – but only four of us survived. 

“We had a little sister born for a few days and she died. There had to be a funeral. That would affect you. My three brothers are the same as me. But with us, everyone is a tough guy”, Fury would conclude.

Fury is set to hear the final outcome from the UK Anti-Doping in the coming days, as he looks to get both his career and life back on track.

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