WWE's poor handling of Bray Wyatt is summed up by one stat


Bray Wyat has had a bumpy run the last few months as he went from WWE Champion to relative understudy in what seemed like record time. This sentiment could apply to his entire time on the main roster as well.

In the time since moving back to NXT and starting from scratch after his Husky Harris character did not take off, his Eater of Worlds persona felt like an absolute slam dunk with viewers. Bringing Erick Rowan and Luke Harper along for the ride was also a great move.

All of that fun on NXT led many to believe that his arrival on the main roster would lead to a meteoric rise to the top of the company. His feud with Kane made for great television after those haunting vignettes leading up to his debut.

Despite being in a number of promising feuds with other superstars, there has been only that single short stint as a champion, which barely lasted over a month. He claimed the title at Elimination Chamber back in February and saw it vanish at WrestleMania in April.

His persona and gimmick are still brimming with possibilities, but the team of writers at the WWE don’t seem to have a terribly coherent plan for what to do with Wyatt. There isn’t much they can do at this point to transform him into the biggest star on the roster.

One clever Reddit user found one stat that tells the entire story when it comes to The Eater of Worlds and how futile his booking has been in the WWE. By using the Internet Wrestling Database, he discovered that Bray Wyatt has a higher loss percentage than Titus O’Neil.

These sorts of stats have to be taken with a grain of salt, but there is no denying that there is something seriously wrong with a supposed contender having a similar record to a character that is regularly booked to move mid-tier stars over.

O’Neil isn’t terrible, but he shouldn’t be in the same area code as a potential contender in the loss column. The upcoming feud with Finn Balor might be headed for similar results as seen in the past though, as Balor looks like he is being positioned as one of the faces of the company.

Maybe one day, The Eater of Worlds will get a bigger moment in the sun, but if the past is any indicator, fans probably shouldn’t hold their breath.

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