Boxer delivers vicious knockout to MMA fighter


Larry Watts took on Mark “The Great White Shark” Potter at the Cage Fighters Championship and the result was surprising for those in attendance. Most didn’t expect this fight to be quite so one-sided after all the buildup.

Near the beginning of the match, Watts had barely landed a few blows on his opponent and the difference in athleticism was clear from the word go. He ended up on the floor after a few seconds, but didn’t let that rough start deter him from trying to gain ground.

All of his punches seemed to be falling just a bit short as Potter dodged and evaded all of those strikes. This was to be expected as he has his formal training in boxing and little exchanges like this are essentially his bread and butter when it comes to competitive fighting.

Suddenly, an amazing right hook rendered the old fighter prone on the mat. The age difference was never more apparent than after that initial flurry and the younger man might have done his foe a favour by putting him down and saving some face in the process.

Watts fell to the cage’s side and then slid down to the canvas as Potter earned a victory stroll around the Octagon. The strange thing is that this footage is from 2012 and only got rediscovered because of the popular internet destination WorldStarHipHop.

Viewers quickly pointed towards the similarities between how the anticipated Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather bout is forecasted to unfold. The main difference there would be the fact that Money is older than Notorious but is the more accomplished boxer between the two.

McGregor could try to mount offence, but it is likely that Mayweather will dance away from most of those advances. None of those efforts are helped by the fact that the undefeated boxer’s style of fighting caters towards eluding his opponent and trying to exploit any mistakes they may make.

There are some clear differences, for one, the bout between the two combat sport superstars will be happening in a boxing ring instead of a cage. Another difference is that Conor McGregor might actually have the size advantage in the fight, but that may not end up mattering at all.

Until actual details surface, all fans and observers can do is speculate about what such a battle would look like. Dana White is still trying to get dates nailed down, but he will have to hurry to ensure this summer’s biggest spectacle still happens.

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