Watch: Fans chant "Fire Bradshaw" at Smackdown Live


The inner workings of the WWE have never been more open to fans as it is right now - and that can be both a good and bad thing for the company.

Whilst spoilers are constantly leaked online and backstage altercations or heat on certain superstars is no longer kept within the company, this more open setting has given the fans a lot more interaction with the sport and superstars they love.

Fans pleading with the company

The most recent example of the fans knowing things the company would rather keep private surrounds the departure of former Smackdown Live announcer Mauro Ranallo.


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Ranallo was popular amongst the fans, but has now left the company amidst a backstage bullying scandal.

After missing several weeks of Smackdown, Ranallo left and reports that he was being bullied backstage by his announce colleague John Bradshaw Layfield surfaced.

Since the initial reports, other rumours of Layfield bullying multiple personalities backstage have began to emerge - resulting in a lot of hostility against the former WWE Champion.

With the company seemingly ignoring the fan heat towards JBL, the WWE Universe have taken steps to make their feelings known.

With the company currently on their first European tour of 2017, Smackdown Live was filmed in London, England.

Ahead of the show however, the fans at the London O2 Arena began to chant "Fire Bradshaw" in an attempt to get the companies attention.

Multiple videos filmed from different parts of the arena surfaced on Twitter to further prove that the fans are united against JBL.

The former Smackdown superstar is certainly facing a lot of criticism from the fans and it will be interesting to see if the company ever takes action in response to a situation that is already a PR disaster.

Feelings known

The WWE Universe has never been reluctant to let the company know their feelings on different issues.

From matches and feuds that displease them or just the general direction that they want a certain character to go, WWE fans never keep their opinions to themselves.

The British fans have made use of the current tour to voice their opinions - including chanting "We want Mania" at Triple H.

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