Rusev to return on Smackdown next week

WWE SummerSlam 2015

Ever since the Superstar Shake-up, both RAW and Smackdown have attempted to outdo each other and make use of their new talent.

However one superstar who still hasn't been seen in person is Smackdown acquisition Rusev.

Arrival of the Bulgarian Brute

The Bulgarian Brute has been absent from WWE TV for several months now and his return has barely been promoted.


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Two weeks ago, Rusev appeared in a video sent to Smackdown Live in which he demanded a chance at the WWE Championship at the upcoming Money in the Bank PPV event.

However the following episode passed by without any further word by the former United States Champion or from Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon or GM Daniel Bryan.

Tuesday's episode broadcast from London, England and it also came with another message and a strong promise form Rusev.

Confirming that he will be at Smackdown Live next week, Rusev demanded an answer to his previous video.

Rusev arriving on Smackdown will signal the addition of a great heel character on the show in a position that could see him earn a WWE title chance quickly.

Current champion Randy Orton will be defending his title at Backlash in under two weeks against the current number one contender Jinder Mahal.

Mahal and Orton will clash for the belt in what some have called a surprising title booking.

When Rusev arrives on Smackdown, fans can only hope that he will be greeted by either Bryan or McMahon who will answer his questions about a title match.

The former United States Champion had claimed that he wouldn't come to Smackdown unless he was given the title match he wants.

However he will be arriving without the promise of a title match but could find himself in the title picture soon enough.

With Backlash set for less than a week after his Smackdown debut, Rusev could find himself with a match at the event.

If the Bulgarian Brute is to be given a one on one contest at Backlash, there could be many suitors for him to face.


One name who could be looking for a Backlash match could be the most recent NXT arrival, Tye Dillinger - who currently isn't involved in a feud on the blue brand.

Dillinger vs Rusev could be a match that goes down well with the fans and if the two face off at Backlash, their match could carry with it, title implications.

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