Dillian Whyte and Tony Bellew share a nasty spat on Twitter

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Since his surprise victory over David Haye, Tony Bellew has been a man in demand. Despite the demand, however, he has instead questioned whether or not to retire on such a high.

There have been options put out to Bellew, including a rematch with Haye, but the one that proved a sticking point was Dillian Whyte.

The two have been exchanging verbal blows since March, and it has now all come to a head.

It all started when Whyte explained that he wasn't impressed with Bellew's victory over Haye, calling him a "fake heavyweight":

"Bellew struggled to knock out a one-legged man. He didn't even knock him out properly," he told Sky Sports.

"If he is struggling to knock out a one-legged man, how is he going to knockout a true heavyweight who always shows up to fight? It's impossible.

"He's a fake heavyweight and he should go back to cruiserweight.

"If he wants to stay at heavyweight, he needs to prove to me and the world that he's a natural heavyweight.

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"I would knock Tony Bellew out in the first six rounds."

Bellew, of course, didn't take too kindly to these accusations, telling Sky Sports that he's "fat" not "fake".

"I am a fat heavyweight, not fake, that's the first part, instead of fake.

"All I will say is, why I am going to go from fighting the former undisputed cruiserweight champion of the world, the former heavyweight champion of the world, to fighting someone who got knocked out for a British title?"


Now, the whole thing has escalated on Twitter, with an angry spat developing between the two.

It appears they both want to fight the same person - Joseph Parker - next and argued over who should have the world title shot first.

"message to b****** Tony Bellew stay in your lane because have already asked to fight u u didn't want it let me and Joe Parker do this."

Bellew came back with a cheeky cheap shot at Whyte's pay grade and lack of limelight.

"My Lane goes way above your pay grade.. The champions in the division look at me NOT you.. You are a NOBODY who's beaten NOBODY!"

Ouch. Whyte (as most people would), responded fairly angrily to this accusation of being a nobody:

"Wake up deluded B****** [Tony Bellew] reason people want to fight u is ur an easy payday 4 a real Heavyweight this NOBODY will hurt u #W*****".

Talk about something escalating quickly.

Since the spat, Whyte hasn't calmed down. His Twitter is full of likes and retweets of people agreeing with him meanwhile Bellew tried to have the final say but appeared to forget to tag his fellow Brit in the Tweet.

It's true that Bellew did beat an injured Haye, but his performance was still impressive and he was made to work hard for his famous victory.

It will be interesting to see where Bellew turns now -  a fight between him and Whyte could be an aggressive affair if talks with Parker collapse.

Do you want to see Bellew fight Whyte? Is Bellew a "fake heavyweight"?

Sound off in the comments.

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