Kobe Bryant has an amazing list of NBA superstars he's been helping this season

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Kobe Bryant is a living legend in the sporting world and an absolute leviathan when it comes to basketball. 

The Black Mamba has kept himself busy since retiring, producing short films, making television appearances and even offering Boston Celtics star guard Isaiah Thomas a helping hand during the NBA Playoffs. 

Thomas isn't the only star player that Kobe's been working with, though. Bryant gave a lengthy interview to Jackie MacMullan of ESPN and revealed other top NBA players have reached out to get a helping hand from the five-time NBA champion. 

Bryant has not only spent time breaking down film with Thomas, but talks "regularly" to Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Russell Westbrook and Gordon Hayward, according to MacMullan.

"I'm around for all the guys. Anybody can reach out. It's an open book," Kobe told ESPN.

Bryant was a student of the game as he grew over the years, taking pointers from a variety of legends. Reports would often point to Kobe working on his post game and footwork with Hakeem Olajuwon, but he wasn't the only all-time great that Bryant took notes from. 

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MacMullan writes that Bryant worked with other greats like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jerry West, Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, Larry Bird and of course the one-and-only Michael Jordan. Jordan opening up to Bryant left a lasting impact on Kobe.

Now, he's doing the same for other NBA players. Bryant likened Thomas asking Kobe for help to when he asked Jordan for the same.

"I was happy to help him. He had the courage to ask. I did the same thing with Michael Jordan when I was a young player," Bryant told ESPN. 

It's not surprising to hear that so many NBA players - and these are just the ones he mentioned - have reached out for pointers from Kobe. His arsenal of moves and footwork was incredible, and his mentality and approach to the game gave him an edge over the competition. 

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When asked about his time talking with Kobe, Thomas noted the thing that stood out the most wasn't the X's and O's they spoke of, but that his mentality was unlike anything he'd ever seen. 

Considering the seasons the players that have been picking Kobe's brain have had, perhaps there's something to say about learning from one of the greatest NBA players over the last two decades. Maybe he should consider adding consulting to the services Kobe Inc. offers. 

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