Luis Ortiz threatens Joshua with court action should he choose rematch with Klitshcko

Boxing at Manchester Arena

Recently crowned WBA and IBO world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua could be facing a very different kind of battle to what he is used to should his choose to grant Wladimir Klitschko his contracted rematch.

Luis Ortiz, who is the mandatory challenger for Joshua's WBA title, wants his shot at the Olympic gold medallist next and is prepared to go to great lengths to get it, threatening Joshua and the WBA with court action should he not get his way.

Joshua, who is still revelling in the glory of his dramatic victory over Klitschko in front of 90,000 fans at Wembley Stadium recently, has said he would like to fight the Ukrainian giant again, but Ortiz is not willing to let himself be pushed around and lose his shot at the WBA title.

The Cuban, speaking a recent interview, said:  “I’m ready for the biggest fight of my life and it’s not with regular opponents but with none other than the world ranking of the WBA.

“Look, if they think I’m going to fold they must be smoking some good s***. I’ve come too far.

“I’ve struggled too much in my life and starved one too many times in Cuba as a kid, eating only bread and water to stop now.

“I endured too much having to cross the dangerous waters of the Gulf to make it to the US for freedom for me and my sick little girl to now get bullied by anyone.

"Look, boxing is a sport not just a business and it's not fair to me if they allow Joshua to get special treatment because someone is dishing out money.

"My team convinced me to let the WBA move on with the resolution because of lawsuits that were coming at (WBA President) Mendoza so I agreed on the WBA terms so they told the world and me that I was next no matter what the IBF was asking.

Boxing at Manchester Arena

"Remember, I was the interim champ. The only reason for not fighting Ustinov was they didn't want to drug test and that was in the bylaws of WBA so I was cleared by my attorneys. All I want is to be treated fair. I'm not asking for what's not mine."

The WBA have said they will be sympathetic to undisputed champ Joshua and his packed schedule, but Ortiz is ready to go toe-to-toe with both Joshua and the WBA to get the shot he feels he deserves.

He said: “All I want is to be treated fair. I’m not asking for what’s not mine.

“I feel more than ever that I will KO Joshua within eight rounds. I saw weakness. I saw a fighter that can be dropped with one punch.

Boxing at Wembley Stadium

“If he likes he can just give up the belt but if not then October or November sounds good to me so it's your move boy. To be the best you have to fight the best.

“I also feel that after Klitschko dropped Joshua with one punch that Eddie Hearn will never let Joshua get in the ring with me.

“You heard it yourself, how Joshua didn't mention my name knowing I'm next for him but he called out Fury after.

“It's my time and I want my WBA belt so yeah I'm calling Joshua out.”

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