Ramires wears old broken boots despite earning £200,000-per-week


The money flowing through Chinese football at the moment is certainly eye-watering. The recent cash explosion has seen clubs in the Far East splash untold amounts of cash of all manner of players both in their peak and well beyond it.

With the kind of money some players are being paid, they could retire after just a season in the Chinese Super League and set their families up for life. 

Back in the January transfer window of 2016, Chelsea midfielder Ramires penned a £25million dal with Chinese side Jiangsu Sunning that would reportedly earn him a wallet-breaking £200,000-per-week.

The Brazilian was already well paid at Chelsea, but his new wage packet eclipsed anything he could have hoped to pick up in England, but the 30-year-old is still nowhere near being one of the best paid players in China.

Even still, £200,000 a week can buy you a lot of things. A new car, a big house, or even a new pair of boots...

There's no doubt that the midfielder likely has the first two things on that list, but it would seem that the third item is a stretch too far for him.

It seems that there is a new pair of boots released every month with Nike and Adidas trying to outdo each other, while other brands like Puma and New Balance sweep up the rest.

So you would think that with the kind of money Ramires makes and the boot brands handing out freebies left, right and centre that he would be rocking some serious footwear.

But judging by the picture below, Goal claim that he still wears an old, beaten up pair to get him through match days.


Not only are they old, they've quite clearly been stitched up after years of wear and tear. Who knows how long he's had them?!

However, the report goes on to state that far from being ridiculed for his choice in footwear, he's actually won acclaim in China for his frugal approach.

Since making the move he has done a good job of not falling into the trap of fame and fortune since making the move and has been channeling his energy into his performances on the pitch.

So perhaps there is a lesson to be learned from Ramires, that the boots don't matter at all and it's all about the person inside them.

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