Lillian Garcia reflects on her legendary interview with The Rock


Former WWE announcer Lilian Garcia is one of the greatest ring announcers of all time and has been a part of some really great moments in the company's history.

After retiring from working with the WWE, Garcia now hosts Making Their Way To The Ring on AfterBuzzTV with Ryan Satin. On her latest episode, she hosted a Q&A for fans and answered a variety of topics regarding her time with the company.

One question Garcia was asked got her a little emotional, as the possibility of getting inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame came up (quotes via WrestleZone):

“Why that makes me cry? Seriously guys, if I ever got that call I don’t even know how I can contain myself. Like it would mean that much to me. Like this business is something I absolutely love.

"It is my attachment to my Dad for sure and it’s just something that has been so, the journey is so incredible and all I ever wanted to do was do my best, you know? And just really go out there and make the stars shine with the announcement.

"I mean I think the announcing is so important, it sets up the whole thing, it really does. And to have, let me just tell ya, I feel like in ways that I’ve already won because of so many fans that have tweeted me and have sent messages.

"You even saying, you know it’s gonna happen, no, I can’t even…because there’s so many amazing people that have been inducted.

But the fans already saying this, you saying that, that to me-WOW! That already has already meant so much to me.”

Garcia also commented on her legendary interview with The Rock in which his 'strudel' line was born:

“I did backstage interviews on Smackdown which is why The Rock and I had a lot of great backstage interviews because we were doing them on RAW and there was a whole chemistry there or whatever, which was cool that the writers saw that and went with that.

"Could you imagine if he becomes president, people are gonna start looking, The Strudel was born during my interview, oh my God!

"If you Google the Lilian Garcia interview, that’s like the first one you see."

What are your thoughts on Garcia one day going into the Hall Of Fame, and her interview with The Rock in which "The People's Strudel" was born? Have YOUR say in the comments section below and the third episode of GiveMeSport’s WWE podcast is here!

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