Tony Bellew still planning his next heavyweight opponent


Although his coach David Coldwell would rather that he hung up his gloves for good, Tony Bellew has revealed he is considering three potential fights for his next bout in the heavyweight division.

Bellew's next opponent could be David Haye again (a rematch after Bellew defeated Haye by TKO at the O2 Arena on March 4), New Zealand's WBO world heavyweight champion Joseph Parker, or the WBC heavyweight champion American Deontay Wilder.

Bellew commented that: "I haven’t narrowed it down to one yet, I’m still debating on the three of them.

"David Haye, Joseph Parker or Deontay Wilder… I’ll see how it goes.

"I initially ruled out fighting Mr Beyonce Wilder, but I keep looking at his fights.

"Every time I see him fight, it makes me think he isn’t all that. But then you’re around him and he is a big boy.

"Listen, if the prize is big enough, I’m willing to take the risk."

Bellew had previously said that a rematch with Haye was his preference, commenting that he believed it was the fight that boxing fans wanted to see.

“If people want to see a rematch, I’ll do it again. I’ll do him,” Bellew said.


“But he has to understand who’s in charge now. It’s not him any more.

“I had to dance to his tune last time. I will not dance again. It’s him that has to dance.

“It’s an enticing fight. I know I can beat him.

“He’s still a very powerful brilliant fighter. He’s good at what he does.

“But I think the fans want to see it again and I think it does big numbers.”

Bellew has been courted by a number of different fighters, although he has ruled out taking on current British boxing golden boy Anthony Joshua, claiming he would end up "on a slab".


“I don’t want to commit to one fight too much,” Bellew added. “The dream is to become heavyweight champion of the world.

“I don’t get that dream fulfilled by beating the Hayefaker.

“I’m going to make the right decision for me ultimately. We’ll know soon enough.

“I like the Joseph Parker fight but I also do believe there is unfinished business with Sideshow Bob.

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“Everyone goes on about this injury. He hasn’t harped on about it but all he’s done is show pictures of himself in a cast.

“He’s hitting a bag now but no-one’s interested. Just fight and shut up.”

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