NBA releases LeBron James playoff mixtape ahead of Finals

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game Five

LeBron James’ postseason accomplishments have reignited the debate of whether or not he has or will ever overtake the stature of Michael Jordan. Multiple people have weighed in on the subject as he laid waste to the Eastern Conference through his early playoffs this year.

The discussion came into even clearer focus after he eclipsed MJ’s playoff scoring record during the Game 5 beatdown of the Boston Celtics on Thursday. His 5,995 points by the end of the contest place him just ahead of Jordan’s 5,987 over the course of his career.

Now, he faces down a third straight matchup with the Golden State Warriors and the chance to beat this incredible team for the second straight year. The task will be harder, after all, the Dubs went out and added former MVP Kevin Durant last summer.

Once again, he is an underdog despite being the best player on the planet. This year, that seems even more unfathomable as he has played his best postseason to date and got to the championship round with a 12-1 record and even that is dwarfed by his competition’s 12-0 standing.

NBA officials know that they have a colossal Finals on their hands and in preparation they compiled a video of all of James’ best scoring moments from throughout his career. His first stint in Cleveland, trip to Miami and return home are all chronicled here.

When seeing his journey all together now, it paints a picture of how difficult it can be to stay relevant in this league for that extended amount of time. Excitement for this matchup took off after the Cavs punched their ticket to the big dance and now everyone is waiting for Thursday.

In one regard, the superstar stands tall above all others. James’ ability to keep himself on the floor throughout his career is astonishing. The constant miles, long playoff runs and fatigue have yet to stop The King during his career and it looks like he may have a couple more runs left.

He will need all of the mammoth strength that he can muster to bring another Larry O’Brien Trophy back to The Land. Golden State has not forgotten what happened to them last year and is eager to erase their past missteps in a huge way against their biggest rival.

Now, it will be up to King James, Kyrie Irving and their teammates to ensure that they emerge victorious. If that tape says anything, it illustrates that Cleveland isn’t going down without a fight.

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