Floyd Mayweather's protege has word of warning for Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather’s protege Badou Jack has hinted that a Conor McGregor-Mayweather showdown could still well be on the cards.

In a recent interview, Jack has sent some very worrying news towards Notorious and his fans, whilst compliment his mentor in the process.

McGregor stands in at 5’9”, while Mayweather is listed as 5’8”. This may make little to no difference when comparing Tom Cruise with Elijah Wood, but when sizing up two fighting juggernauts, every detail counts.

Furthermore, McGregor reportedly has a two-inch reach advantage over Mayweather, which could prove the difference, especially in the dying stages of a bout when a final thrust could result in the winner.

Weight-wise, McGregor has struggled to maintain a consistent weight as he has been affiliated with the UFC’s 145 and 155 categories with reports suggesting that cutting down to 145lbs in recent times has been taxing on his body and that he would gain more than 20lbs between weigh-in and fight night due to rehydration.

Conversely, Mayweather has always maintained 147lbs without much effort and usually only went up to 148lbs between weigh-ins and fight nights.

McGregor is certainly the bigger man, but he is also the younger man, aged just 28 in comparison with his counterpart’s seasoned 40 years on the planet.

If Mayweather’s fight against Saul Alvarez, who reportedly goes up to 170lbs between weigh-ins and fights, in 2013 was anything to go by, however, one can safely assume that size and age have no bearing when it comes to fighting Mayweather.

Still, his inactivity over the last 20 years may be testament to the fact that the beast may finally be showing signs of slowing down, carving up an opportunity for an opponent such as McGregor to bring him down.

But, that is where Badou Jack can give an eye-witness account to tell us that Floyd cannot and will not be ruled out of competitive fights.

Mayweather’s protege said: “I think he is a genetic freak. He is born like that. I mean, he is probably walking around the same weight right now as he was two years ago when he was fighting.”

“He sparred, what was it, like two weeks ago, a week ago? And he still looks sharp. He hasn’t done nothing, no boxing in like two years and the first day back comes sparring.”

What’s more, the fact that Mayweather has returned to sparring may well indicate a possible match up with McGregor in the near or distant (maybe not so distant) future.

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