Tiger Woods' girlfriend devastated to hear of recent DUI arrest

Tiger Woods was golf’s sweetheart.

He was the beacon of honour and seemed to be eclipsing all those in his path with consummate ease.

He was masterful in every area of his game and was always able to conjure something out of nothing. To all intents and purposes, he was the perfect sportsman.

Now, his legacy will surely go down in infamy.

After numerous extra-marital affairs, a scarcely recognisable Tiger Woods was revealed to the media and thrust into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

His conduct off the course was called into question, and coupled with numerous serious injuries, he has never been able to regain the immaculate reputation he once held.

It’s likely the most recent episode won’t help him with this either. Just ask his girlfriend Kristin Smith.

Having been arrested for a DUI and appearing in a less than flattering mugshot, Woods was let out on bail. This was not before the American beauty Smith got wind of her partners transgressions and made her feelings more than vocal. 

At the time she was in a Neiman Marcus store in Dallas and, according to several bystanders, as reported by TMZ, Kristin received a phone call.

She allegedly went ‘crazy’ exclaiming down the phone “i knew it, i knew it”.

This outburst was shortly followed by tears. It is unclear what else transpired between Smith and caller, however, before exiting the shop, she spent a cool $5,000 dollars. 

Woods has released a statement detailing his apologies and his full cooperation with the Palm Beach Country Sheriff’s Office.

This in itself is also being debated.

Some sources have stated that Tiger was ‘arrogant’ having been pulled over for erratic driving and also refused to blow into a breathalyser at the time of the arrest. He is now claiming that the concoction of drugs prescribed following his back surgery has played a key part in his latest arrest. 

While the 14-time Major winner’s camp have remained fairly tight lipped over the latest saga, Smith’s reaction shows the raw emotion of someone seemingly frustrated and disappointed.

Tiger has plenty of work to do to once again recover a reputation in tatters and it seems this will have to start with his significant other half.

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