Edge and Christian speak on how The Undertaker sold his gimmick

WWE SummerSlam 2015

WWE fans sat down to see WrestleMania 33, not just because the pay per view event is the biggest one of the year for the company, but because The Undertaker would likely be taking to the ring for the last time against Roman Reigns.

A number of longtime spectators were upset that Reigns would be the one to face The Deadman in his last match and likely become just the second man to defeat him at the Showcase of the Immortals.

That kind of longevity is nearly impossible to find in professional wrestling, or anywhere else really. The entire event became more about celebrating that moment at the end than any of the other matches that would be taking place down in Orlando for a lot of fans.

Edge and Christian, former WWE world champions, talked about their fascination with The Deadman on their Pod of Awesomeness this week. They talked about the kind of leacy that he had and how that very successful gimmick played into his career.

The Rated R Superstar said: “On paper, does The Undertaker [gimmick] sound like something that will go on to be undefeated at WrestleMania for like 22 years, and be the tentpole holding up the company at certain times, and kind of the measuring stick within the [pro] wrestling industry, more or less, the new Andre The GIant.”

Christian responded: “The thing is too, I honestly believe if it was on anybody but The Undertaker, it wouldn’t’ve worked. It would’ve had that shelf life, but because he personified it and he embraced it and he became The Undertaker.

“You just had to look at him. He had everything down, the movements, he had the entrance, and when he did his entrance, people still when they hear that gong, they stand up. It has become this revered character. He’s also one of the most revered guys in the locker room.”

These statements are basically uniform among all the current WWE superstars and there aren’t many among them that have a bad thing to say about ‘Taker. He commanded their respect with his performance and work ethic.

In the end, things worked out with that match for the WWE as they got a huge event that still have people talking about it, but fans will be left wondering what will become of the legend for the foreseeable future.

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