Roman Reigns escalates tension with Seth Rollins after RAW


Roman Reigns is one of the biggest names in the WWE right now, but he is also the most controversial WWE superstar. His heat with audiences on the road has been palpable for a while and defeating The Undertaker to end his career at WrestleMania 33 didn’t change that.

That decision was absolutely rooted in the company’s solidified belief that he will one day be unimaginably over with crowds despite contempt for him seemingly growing by the day. When the card was announced, the internet voiced their collective frustration.

In spite of all of that, he remains a huge star and there is no question that he still garners a reaction from all types of fans. His merchandise sales are also out of this world, so it would be difficult to see the WWE stop their push anytime soon.

Losing to Braun Strowman at Payback was a legitimate surprise as The Big Dog usually emerges victorious in those spots, but the creative team likes what it has seen from The Monster Among Men in his run since WrestleMania.

Reigns is never down for long, and he emerged from backstage after suffering those injuries to beat the tar out of the giant and send him home to where he is now recuperating after elbow surgery needed from shattering the joint in question.

With The Monster Among Men so clearly over with the fanbase and Brock Lesnar still looming in the distance, writers have an open road to steer these storylines in any way that they see fit heading into the summer season where SummerSlam awaits.

Just this week, after the televisions went off the air, the RAW crowd was treated to yet another moment with The Big Dog according to WrestlingInc. Seth Rollins and Reigns took each other on and The Architect pointed out he was never defeated by his former team member.

The Kingslayer got the worst of it and Reigns emerged with his first win against his tag team partner as a member of The Shield. Then, the superstar stood in the ring arguing with Rollins before the loser bolted.

It looks like the creative team will have some more time to work out the kinks and a possible Shield feud will be on the table. Hopefully, they can unlock his character’s true potential soon and hit that nostalgia nerve head on.

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