Fernando Alonso produced remarkable save to avoid crash at Indy 500

101st Indianapolis 500

Fernando Alonso's first Indy 500 was one filled with encouraging displays, resulting in the former F1 champion being named 2017 Rookie of the Year.

However, following a tweeted clip from Twitter user @Mariolejandro, the Spaniard's first foray's into historic race almost ended in disaster.

Alonso's decision to take part in the Indy 500 caught everyone by surprise, especially as it meant he had to miss the historic Monaco Grand Prix in the Formula One calendar. 

The clip reveals a moment in lap 89, allegedly not caught on TV coverage, in which Alonso's McLaren-branded car momentarily lost control on a corner.

Alonso, who possess decades of experience in F1, was able to quickly right his car to avoid spinning out and potentially crashing.

The tweet, originally in Spanish, included comments hailing the quick thinking and skill of Alonso.

One comment even compared him to legendary F1 driver Ayrton Senna.

Alonso, nicknamed El Nano in his native region of Asturias, is currently sixth on the F1's Grand Prix title holders with 32 victories.

However, like mentioned earlier, he put his current F1 season on hold, missing the Monaco Grand Prix to compete in the 500-mile race in American North-East.

101st Indianapolis 500

Alonso's first opportunity to compete in Indiana was preceded with several impressive displays and achievements, including 2017 Fastest Rookie after he posted a four-lap qualifying speed of 231.30 for the 500.

Despite the promising work Alonso put into the race, running seventh with 21 laps remaining, his Honda engine broke down.

Forced to retire, he was classified as 24th, yet still received a standing ovation from fans for his remarkable progress on a debut. 

You can watch the scary moment in the video below, and you can tell how much Alonso had to do in order to keep his vehicle on track.

Scary stuff, and unreal steering work from the experienced driver.

Although his experience ended in disappointment on the track, the Spaniard has been quick to comment on his love for the race, and he's adamant that he has no regrets about taking part, missing the Monaco GP in the process.

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