New footage shows a dazed and confused Tiger Woods’ experience in police custody

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A dishevelled image of Tiger Woods has dominated news stories across the world this week, after the troubled golfer was arrested in his home state of Florida on Monday morning.

Found asleep at the wheel of his Mercedes - which had come to a halt barely a mile from police headquarters in Jupiter with the lights flashing - Woods was charged with DUI.

After news of the arrest and an initial mug-shot photo, police released dashcam footage of the 41-year-old failing to adhere to the instructions of officers at the roadside.

Woods, widely regarded as one of the best golfers of all time, is unable to walk along a straight line touching heel-to-toe, and slurs his words badly during sobriety tests.

Photographs taken by officers also showed his car to have suffered extensive damage, including two flat tyres and a broken bumper. 

Now, the police department have released further footage from the early hours of Monday morning.

Inside police custody, a handcuffed Woods has to complete two breathalyser tests to check the levels of alcohol in his system.

Both of these tests are reported to have given readings of 0.0, indicating that the golfer had taken no alcohol whatsoever before getting behind the wheel.

It appears likely that his own reasoning, that he had taken an extreme reaction to various prescription medicines, including Vicodin and Soloxex, is now the only explanation for his behaviour.

Tiger Woods Booking Photo

The new footage show Woods slumped severely in a chair waiting to be called to take the breathalyser test to which he had submitted at the start of the video.

He then momentarily fails to comply with the officer taking his test – continually breathing in rather than out – before eventually giving the required sample. 

Additionally, the star doesn’t appear to grasp the severity of the situation, smiling and asking if his “silver bracelets” could be removed.

For most sports fans, the video will be difficult to watch. A role model to millions, Tiger Woods held an aura of invincibility for years as one of the top sportsmen in the world.

You can watch the full video below.

Since his fall from grace with the emergence of extramarital affairs in 2009, Woods has made great efforts to restore his reputation despite a plethora of knee and back injuries keeping him off the course.

This latest incident means that he is back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

While post-back injury rehab dictates that he will be out of the game for several months longer, we can be sure that if he returns to full fitness, he will try his utmost to put this debacle behind him by returning to sparkling form on the course.

Does Woods still have time to return to his former glories? Will this latest setback prove too difficult to overcome?

Watch the shocking video footage and tell us what you think in the comments section below!

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