1860 Munich could be relegated for the second time in one week

TSV 1860 Muenchen v 1. FC Kaiserslautern - Second Bundesliga

While Bayern Munich were busy cruising to their fifth straight Bundesliga title, the club that shares their Allianz Arena home were being relegated to the third tier of German football.

1860 Munich lost a relegation play-off to Jahn Regensburg. The second leg, which 1860 Munich lost 2-0 following a 1-1 draw in the first meeting, was marred by violence.

The game was stopped for roughly 15 minutes, with police claiming that 10 officers had been ‘slightly injured’ due to crowd trouble.

It was a sorry end to the season for 1860 Munich, who were champions of Germany in 1966 and played Leeds United in the third qualifying round of the Champions League in 2000.

And things have just got a whole lot worse for the club.

In a bizarre sequence of events, the club have been relegated again to the fourth or fifth tier of German football, which are Germany’s ‘amateur’ divisions.

That’s right. They’ve been relegated twice in one week.

Allianz Arena Nears Completion

Why 1860 Munich have been relegated again

The reason why is rather sad. 1860 Munich’s majority shareholder, Hasan Ismaik, failed to make the necessary payment for a 3. Bundesliga licence.

Clubs must make a payment to the German soccer federation, which according to the Daily Mail is between five and 10 million euros, for a third-division licence. The deadline to make that payment passed on Friday, June 2.

As a result of 1860 Munich’s failure to pay up, they will be relegated again. It hasn’t been decided yet whether they will drop down to the fourth or fifth tier.

What makes it worse is that the club’s U21 side also require the licence. Without it, they too will be relegated.

Ismaik has no plans to give up power

Sadly for 1860 Munich supporters, Ismaik, a billionaire from Jordan, has no plans to surrender control of the club.

“I am being forced to make such a decision, and I am sad, I have fought to find a solution until the last minute,” he wrote in a statement on Facebook.

“My reasonable demands which were fully in the interests of good corporate governance have fallen on deaf ears. The leaders of the football association have failed to solve the problems.

“The problems that were known. The problems I have long been in the private sector. Problems, for the most part of the responsibility of the association. I think it’s only fair for someone who has invested millions of euros in 1860, invested a solution to require extensive tax matters, because this is a real threat to the entire club.

“People have to wake up to understand the club has to change to survive. I take my responsibility for the club very seriously and I hope that those in charge in the administrative process also do.”

It appears unlikely that the club will remain at the Allianz Arena, while fan protests are expected.

How sad.

TSV 1860 Muenchen v 1. FC Kaiserslautern - Second Bundesliga

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