Amir Khan offers an incredible gesture to a sick young boy in need

British boxer, Amir Khan would love to help a young seven-year-old boy recover from a tumour on his face, by offering to pay for all his treatment.

The young boy named Ali Hassan, from Pakistan has developed a rather large tumour, which has unfortunately spread, covering his eye, nose and also his mouth.

Khan wants to do all he can to help the young lad recover from Neuroblastoma cancer, which he was diagnosed with earlier on this year.

Following surgery to Ali’s eye, which resulted in his right eye being removed, a swelling soon followed to his face, which has now led to the large tumour.

Though, following Khan’s truly wonderful help and gesture, parents of the young boy now hope that he will be able to have his old life back again.

After an interview The Daily Mirror, the father of Ali spoke about Khan’s kindness and how much it will change his son’s life:

“Amir Khan assured us of all sort of financial help. He told me that he will also visit us,” claimed Ali’s father.

“In January this year, a surgery was performed by doctors, removing Ali’s right eye. But only weeks after the surgery, his face started swelling and resulted into a huge tumour.”

The British boxer’s general manager also spoke to The Mirror about Ali’s condition and his recovery:

“I am regularly visiting the boy in the hospital on direction of Amir Khan,” stated Khan’s manager.

“We are waiting for medical reports. If his treatment is not possible here or in any other hospital in Pakistan, we will take him to any foreign country where medical facilities are much better and advanced.”

Khan’s manager concluded by saying, “Amir Khan has told me to be with the family and keep him updated.”

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