Magic Johnson says this historic NBA team would sweep the Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have gone undefeated through 14 games in the NBA Playoffs, dominating whomever stands in their way en route to an NBA title. 

The Warriors have a chance to be historically great, sweeping their entire playoff run if they can manage to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers two more times in a row. That would be unprecedented and should cement them as one of the greatest teams the NBA has ever seen. 

There are plenty of historically great teams in the NBA’s past, though, and where they fall in that conversation will be the next major debate to leave fans and analysts burning. There’s one particular NBA team that always seems to be in this discussion: The “Showtime” Lakers. 

The Los Angeles Lakers found themselves at the forefront of a surging NBA product after they drafted Magic Johnson with the No. 1 pick in the 1979 NBA Draft. They’d go on to win five titles with Johnson leading the way, becoming a global phenomenon with wild success. 

Magic sat down for a special conversation with Pat Riley Monday afternoon, discussing the NBA Finals among other hot topics. Johnson was asked how “Showtime” would fare against the current Warriors superteam and didn’t hold back. 

Magic told the crowd that not only would the Lakers defeat the Warriors, they’d sweep them out of the playoffs. Here’s video evidence of Johnson putting all of his eggs in the “Showtime” basket:

It’s a fascinating thought, with those Lakers more than capable of running the floor against a fast-paced Warriors team. They’d have some tough defensive matchups to figure out, though, especially trying to decide who takes on Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. 

On the other hand, the Warriors might have a hard time matching with those Lakers because of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. “The Captain” would be a matchup nightmare, a 7’2 basketball machine who would sink skyhook after skyhook over Golden State’s defenders. 

A sweep, though? That’s hard to fathom, especially while the Warriors have dispatched all of their opponents with relative ease. Even LeBron James’ superteam, which won an NBA title last season, looks in over its head now that Durant is on board. 

The “Showtime” Lakers would definitely put up a fight, but the truth remains that Magic might just be slightly biased for the franchise that he’s currently president of, and spent his playing days with. The NBA is a different place now, but Magic clearly believes in the magic that once was. 

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