Draymond Green reveals the text he sent Kevin Durant that changed everything

The Golden State Warriors were fresh off of letting a 3-1 NBA Finals lead slip through their fingers when everything changed in an instant for them. 

Eventually Kevin Durant would decide it would be in his best interest to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder for the upside of contending as a dynasty with the Warriors, but it didn’t always seem appear to be headed that way. 

Draymond Green had been recruiting Durant throughout the season, but it was on the night of the Warriors’ Game 7 loss to the Cavaliers that the wheels began turning. In fact, if this story is to be believed, that was the night their future title was sealed all thanks to a text message. 

Green told the story of how Durant ultimately made his way to Golden State and added in a detail that had been left off in the past. Draymond decided to text Durant shortly after the Warriors lost Game 7 with a simple and clear message

“See what we’re missing. We need you. Make it happen,” Green told Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated. Durant responded quickly – Green hadn’t even left the arena yet after the deflating Game 7 loss. 

“I’m ready. Let’s do this,” Durant responded to the message.

That may have been the moment that everything came together for the Warriors, with Draymond striking while the iron was hot and Durant apparently already having his mind made up after watching the Warriors fail to close things out against Cleveland in astonishing fashion.

The reason he texted Durant so immediately, according to Draymond’s explanation of how the Durant superteam came to be, was to prove how serious all of the recruiting he had done throughout the season was. 

“Right after you lose Game 7, shows you’re serious,” Green said of the reciprocated text message that may have been the moment Durant decided it was time to part ways with Russell Westbrook and the franchise that drafted him. 

Clearly that moment has paid off for everyone involved, with Durant capturing the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player award along with his first NBA championship. Green gets to add another championship to his resume, and the Warriors are primed to become a dynasty. 

To say things worked out for KD and the Warriors would be an understatement, and they’ve played just one season together. The sky certainly seems like the limit for this group, who will be vying for a fourth NBA Finals trip in a row next season. 

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