Federico Allende poked opponent with needles during cup match against Estudiantes

Football is a game that demands players give their utmost commitment to succeed.

Those competing at the highest level will do just about anything to gain a potentially winning edge over their opponents.

Common tactics such as overreacting to a bad challenge or exchanging some choice words off the ball aren’t enough for some players, though.

Federico Allende – a centre-half who plays for Argentine minnows Pacifico de General Alvear – went above and beyond to get his team over the line in a 3-2 victory against Estudiantes.

The result is a major upset in favour of the small outfit from the city of Mendoza – but their unlikely triumph has been overshadowed by a shocking admission from their defender.

Speaking in an interview with local radio station Vorterix Radio, Allende has bragged about smuggling two needles onto the pitch by hiding them in his shin pads.

In an attempt to justify his behaviour, the Pacifico man claimed it’s necessary to bend the rules in order to beat the big clubs.

“We knew that we had to play dirty against them and I kept piercing the Estudiantes strikers with a needle,” Allende said, as per the BBC.

“We know that top division players don’t like contact, they don’t like if we waste time or if we play dirty. So that was the way to do. Football is like that. Football is for the clever.”


Estudiantes striker Juan Otero told the referee Allende had jabbed him with a needle several times during the match and described his opponent as “a nasty man” after hearing the interview.

However, the Argentine defender clearly saw nothing wrong with his unique approach to tight marking.

“I completely nullified Otero. He must hate me,” Allende added.


Pacifico president Hector Moncada didn’t see it that way, though, and has vowed to expel the player for his behaviour.

“We are devastated. This incident has tarnished the team’s good work. I will expel him from the club,” he told Clarin newspaper.

The best players in the world will take any opportunity to maximise their chances of winning while keeping within the laws of the game.

Allende, on the other hand, should probably reconsider what it means to win at all costs.

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