Rory McIlroy involved in Twitter altercation with Steve Elkington

There seems like there is no love lost between both Rory McIlory and Steve Elkington as the two took to social media in a mini-feud.

Former Australian golfer Elkington decided to go and call McIlroy out over Twitter, questioning the Irishman’s desire for the sport.

The tweet from Elkington stated: “Rory is so bored playing golf…without Tiger the threshold is prolly 4 majors with 100mill in bank.”

Though, of course, it wasn’t long before McIlory got a hint of what was circulating on social media, and could not resist the urge to have a bite back at Elkington.

McIlory’s response was one which really sent Twitter in to meltdown.

His tweet read the following: “More like 200mil…not bad for a “bored” 28 year old…plenty more where that came from.”

Underneath the tweet, McIlroy then attached a picture, which seems like a screenshot from Wikipedia portraying all his achievements and titles that he has won.

The screenshot highlights McIlroy’s success at The Open Championship in 2014, and victories at the PGA Championship in both 2012 and 2014, along with other personal goals and achievements in his highly decorated career so far, as he aimed to put Elkington well and truly in his place.

The response from the Irishman went viral in a matter of seconds, as the social media network was loving this mini-feud between both McIlory and Elkington.

However, it did not end there between the pair.

Elkington then saw McIlroy’s response and was quick to quote his tweet with a reaction, which can be seen below.

This only then led to McIlroy retaliating and taking things a bit further with the ex-pro.

It is safe to say that this could just be the start of an ongoing battle between these two renown names of the sport.

Don’t think they will be sharing a round of golf together anytime soon, that’s for sure.

As for McIlroy, he will now have to put his poor showing at the US Open behind him, and focus on upcoming tournaments instead.

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