Leigh Griffiths responds after Rangers chairman says Celtic should be further ahead of Rangers

Celtic’s Scottish title success last season came as a surprise to nobody.

But it was just how easily they won the title that left many wondering where the challenge will come from.

Brendan Rodgers’ side had the Premiership sewn up as early as April 2. They went the entire season unbeaten, secured the treble, and finished 30 points ahead of second-placed Aberdeen.

Yet in the eyes of Rangers chairman Dave King, Celtic should be even further ahead of their rivals.

“In footballing terms, I don’t think Celtic are as far ahead as they could have been – certainly with our new signings,” King said, per the Telegraph.

“Given that we were in the wilderness for four years I don’t think that Celtic did as much in that four years as they could have done.”

Leigh Griffiths’ response is perfect

King’s comments have sparked an impassioned response from Leigh Griffiths, who said the “gulf couldn’t be any bigger”.

Griffiths brought up the Joey Barton’s short spell and Celtic’s two 5-1 wins over Rangers this season in his perfect comeback.

“The gulf couldn’t be any bigger,” Griffiths said, per BBC Sport. “They’ll be trying to bridge the gap.

“But for him to come out and say we should be further ahead is ludicrous.”

The striker, 26, added: “If you said to someone at the start of last season that Rangers would be 30-odd points behind Celtic at the end of the season, you’d be raging.

“What was the gulf? 30-odd points. How does he expect that to be bigger? They were touting at the start of last season that they were going to win the league and this and that.

“Joey Barton was coming up and saying he was going to be the best player in Scotland – he lasted a few months.

“In the first [Old Firm] game, they got hammered 5-1 and they got hammered 5-1 at the end of the season.

“So, the gulf couldn’t be any bigger. This season, they’ll be trying to bridge the gap.

“We just want to concentrate on our job and our job is to defend our title. And if we do that, we’ll have no qualms about it.

“Ultimately it’s about what we do and if we are at our best nobody in Scotland can live with us.”

Drop the mic. 

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