Javier Hernandez responds perfectly to harsh tweet from Twitter troll

  • Rob Swan

Why do trolls do it?

Spending your life sending abuse over the internet is, let’s face it, unquestionably a complete waste of time and effort.

However, without trolls, we wouldn’t have great tales of footballer’s putting them back in their place with unexpectedly brilliant responses.

Javier Hernandez’s latest reply to a troll’s tweet is one of the best we’ve seen, certainly in 2017.

Chicharito was targeted by one Twitter user – @KoopasProd – who decided to take an unnecessary dig at the Mexican striker.

Hernandez wished his friend a happy birthday

Hernandez had posted a tweet wishing his international teammate, Miguel Layun, a happy birthday.

The full-back, who currently plies his trade with FC Porto, turned 29 on Sunday.

Then the troll piped up with this tweet

This prompted @KoopasProd to reply: “By far the weakest soccer player I’ve ever seen play💀“


Whether he was referring to Chicharito or Layun is unclear but, either way, there was absolutely no need. He was replying to a man’s birthday tweet to his friend.

Chicharito’s response was devastating

Hernandez, however, came back with a quite devastating response – and it’s gone viral.

Noticing @KoopasProd was wearing glasses in his profile picture, the 29-year-old went in for the kill.

He replied: “That’s why you use 👓, have a nice day!”

Somebody get @KoopasProd some ice for that burn!

The Bayer Leverkusen centre-forward’s response has already received over 9,000 retweets and been ‘liked’ over 17,000 times.

Not bad for basically tweeting: ‘Shoud’ve gone to Specsavers’. (For those outside the United Kingdom, look it up on Google).

How Chicharito’s followers responded

Here’s how Chicharito’s followers responded in the replies…


And so on, and so on…

It seems everyone loves it when a troll gets put back in their box.

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