NBA players are mad Avery Bradley wasn't on an All-Defensive teams

Boston Celtics v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Four

On Monday night at the NBA Awards Show, Golden State Warriors forward/center Draymond Green took home a well-deserved Defensive Player of the Year trophy.

However, around the league, players were upset with voters for their picks for the All-Defensive teams, as many felt Boston Celtics guard Avery Bradley was more than deserving of a spot on either the first or second team.

Of the four guards to be honored, Bradley wasn't one of them, drawing the ire of players from across the NBA on Twitter.

Picking up first-team All-Defensive honors at the guard position were Chris Paul and Patrick Beverly - both of whom were more than deserving of the honor.

On the second-team All-Defensive squad at the guard position were Tony Allen and Danny Green, at least one of whom probably should have been replaced by Bradley.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game Five

Bradley's teammate, star point guard Isaiah Thomas, was quick to jump to his friend's defense, calling out the voters for snubbing the talented defender:

But Thomas wasn't the only one furious with Bradley's snub. Other players from all over the NBA quickly chimed in on what they felt was a huge injustice:

The fact that Bradley wasn't just getting praise from Eastern Conference guards who he faces all the time, and that he was getting praise from guards and big men alike, should show just how much of a snub his exclusion was.

Even former players were irate that Bradley didn't get the appreciation he deserves for his efforts on the defensive side of the ball:

The full voting results will be released soon, so fans and players won't have to wait long to see who snubbed the talented Celtics guard.

Boston Celtics v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Four

What may have hurt Bradley in the voting process was the fact that he only played in 55 games this year due to injuries. However, it's clear Bradley's fellow pros value quality over quantity and Bradley is a game-changer when he's guarding an opposing team's best player.

But it's clear the voters may not be the most thorough watchers of basketball, as Thomas - one of the league's worst defenders - received a vote for the All-Defensive team.

Even Thomas would likely be surprised by that, as he frequently was hidden on defense as Bradley took on the opposing team's top scorer. Thanks to having a player like Bradley sharing the backcourt with him, Thomas is able to save his energy for the offensive end of the court, where he's a much bigger threat.

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