LeBron James involved in new Hollywood project

In recent years, Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James has made it clear that he’s anything but a one-dimensional celebrity.

Stepping out of his comfort zone, James entered the world of Hollywood a few years ago, founding Spring Hill Productions, named after the housing complex James moved into with his mother when he was in sixth grade. 

Among the notable projects that Spring Hill has been involved with are the media platform “Uninterrupted” for Bleacher Report and “The Wall”, a trivia game show on NBC. James also appeared as himself in Judd Apatow and Amy Schumer’s feature film Trainwreck.

Back in 2015, Marisa Guthrie of hollywoodreporter.com asked James to describe Spring Hill’s message. “We brainstorm all kinds of outside-the-box ideas. You can’t cheat the audience, you can’t cheat your fans, they know if it’s authentic. We’ll see what happens. Maybe we’ll have a little cooking show,” he said at the time.

A cooking show hasn’t happened yet, but James’ company has reportedly teamed up with Showtime to create a three-part documentary that examines the modern history of the NBA and the Association’s profound impact on pop culture, via Jeff Zillgitt of USA TODAY Sports

The documentary is projected to be released sometime in 2018 and is spearheaded by filmmaker Gotham Chopra and executive producers James and Maverick Carter.

“We developed the idea for these films because of the incredible, generational impact some of the NBA’s most successful players have had on every aspect of American culture,” said Maverick Carter, CEO of SpringHill Entertainment, in the news release. “Gotham is the perfect filmmaker to bring these stories to life, and SHOWTIME is the right platform to showcase how they were able to transcend the game and shape the culture in an unprecedented way.”

It’s worth noting that Gotham is the son of the legendary Deepak Chopra. He also has extensive experience in the sports documentary space, having produced and directed Kobe Bryant’s Muse, an 83-minute Showtime documentary that revealed inside information regarding Kobe’s entire career. He also created the AT&T original series Religion of Sports and served as an executive producer alongside Tom Brady and Michael Strahan. Additionally, he directed I Am Giant: Victor Cruz, a 55-minute documentary chronicling NFL wide receiver Victor Cruz’s unlikely path to the NFL.

Chopra comically looked past his personal fandom to agree to the project with LeBron and his company due to his immense respect for LeBron and his business partner.

“Despite the fact that I am a Boston Celtics fan to the bone, collaborating with Maverick and LeBron was an inspired opportunity,” Chopra said in a statement. “Sports in general and specifically the NBA provide a great backdrop for storytelling. But these films offer us a chance to go beyond that; to weave a broader cultural narrative in our current social climate. With the support of David Nevins and the progressive SHOWTIME team, we have a chance to say something truly resonant. That’s the goal.”

Given the NBA’s reach within pop culture, especially in the modern era, it should be fascinating to see what Chopra and his team come up with.

It’s safe to say that LeBron might make a few appearances.

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