Wimbledon prize money for 2017 has been revealed

Several of tennis’ big names will fight for their place in the third round of Wimbledon today, including Andy Murray, who will face Dustin Brown on centre court.

Murray will be hoping to go on and clinch his third title at Wimbledon, which would go a long way into helping him keep hold of his World No. 1 spot, and would also put his bad year squarely behind him.

To do so, Murray needs to not only battle his way through tough opponent after tough opponent, but also he has to battle through a nagging hip injury.

While it didn’t seem to effect him during his first round win, it might hold him back enough to give Brown a chance with his aggressive style.

Speaking about his upcoming match against Brown, Murray said that he expects it to be tough.

“I know Dustin pretty well.

“We get on well with each other. We message each other from time to time. I like him. He’s really,
really a nice guy.

“But in terms of the match, I expect him to be very aggressive. I think he’ll go for his shots. I think he’ll come forward a lot. You know, he’s unpredictable.

“You know he’s going to go for it. Also you know he hits a lot of drop shots. He can play slice. Sometimes he hits two first serves, goes for a huge second serve.

“It’s not easy to play players like that.”

If Murray does see his way through Brown, he will bag an already cool £57,000. The prize money for this year’s Wimbledon Championship is staggering.

The prize money for Wimbledon has never been so high as it is this year, making it even more competitive from all involved. The stakes have never been higher for everyone, the prize money has been raised by £200,000. A nice bonus no matter your salary.

Wimbledon is one of sport’s richest events and everyone will be ever so keen to walk away with over £2 million.

Both the Men’s and Women’s Singles Winner will earn £2.2 million, whereas the runners-up will net a cool £1.1 million.

Even if you don’t make it to the final, you’ll earn a serious amount of money.

Semi-finalists: £550,000. Quarter-finalists: £275,000. Fourth Round: £147,000. Third Round: £90,000. Second Round: £57,000. First Round: £35,000.

The Men’s and Women’s doubles pairs will split the following prizes.

Winners: £400,000. Runner-up: £200,000. Semi-finalists: £100,000. Quarter-finalists: £50,000. Third Round: £26,500. Second Round: £16,500. First Round: £10,750.

And to finish it off, the Mixed Doubles will earn a great amount per pair too.

Winners: £100,000. Runner-up: £50,000. Semi-finalists: £25,000. Quarter-finalists: £12,000. Third Round: £6,000. Second Round: £3,000. First Round: £1,500.

For Murray to walk away with £2.2 million, he will need to fend off competition from the likes of Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal, who will all be licking their lips at the prospect of winning this stupendous amount of money.

Who do you think will win Wimbledon and walk away with all that cash? Let us know in the comments.

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