The biggest difference of playing with LeBron James and Kevin Durant, as explained by Dion Waiters

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Kevin Durant and LeBron James are two of the greatest players to ever play basketball, and being a teammate with both of them is a pretty rare opportunity.

Dion Waiters has been lucky enough to pull off this amazing feat, teaming up with both former league Most Valuable Players, playing with LeBron on the Cleveland Cavaliers and Durant on the Oklahoma City Thunder. 

Waiters is a key piece on the Miami Heat now, signing a four-year contract worth $52 million as a free agent this summer. He's expected to be one of the leaders for a team that was one win away from making the playoffs last season.

Dion joined The Herd with Colin Cowherd and was asked what the biggest difference he felt was between playing with both men. His answer revealed quite a bit about their styles of leading, especially his note on King James knowing every team's plays from around the league.

"LeBron is so locked into the game. Basketball is everything to him. He knows everybody's plays, things like that. He's a teacher's teacher, he's a coach on the floor, he's a teacher on the floor, and that's what helped me," Waiters said.

James knowledge of the game of basketball has always been a topic of conversation, but hearing a former teammate lay it out like that makes it clear how valuable that is to a team. LeBron isn't the only student of the game in the league, but he's one of the best floor generals ever. 

Durant, on the other hand, was less a tactician and coach on the court and more of a traditional "leader" that connected with his team. It's a different approach, but Waiters admitted he preferred feeling a closer personal tie with Durant.

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"KD is more of a lead by example guy. LeBron was a vocal leader, Kev' was more of a lead by example. but I was closer to Kev' because Kev' understood me. We came from the same areas and the same places, so I bought into it more with Kev' because he really took me under the wing when I first got there.

"Before I even stepped off the plane when I got traded to Oklahoma City he's the first guy that texted me. 'Welcome little bro, glad you're here,'" Waiters said of playing with Durant. 

Waiters has watched two of the best ever operate their teams, an invaluable experience that should help him be one of the leaders on the Heat after signing a big contract to stay in South Beach. 

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