Conor McGregor fires personal insult at Floyd Mayweather during press conference

“He’s in a f*****g tracksuit!”

The wise words of Conor McGregor there.

The UFC star is set to enter the boxing ring against Floyd Mayweather Jr. on August 26 in what could be the biggest crossover fight of all time.

Yesterday, the pair faced off against each other in front of the world’s media, and it’s safe to say that McGregor was having a lot of fun with it.

Adorned upon his person was a pinstripe suit that, if you looked closely, had the words “f*** you” emblazened across it in place of the pinstripes.

“He can’t even afford a suit anymore.”

The crowd was lapping it up, loving all the savage burns McGregor was leaving on Mayweather, who just sat by and listened – knowing that he can repay the favour in the ring come August 26.

You can watch the clip of their conference below:

McGregor is loving every second of it. The crowd hanging off his every word, just waiting for the next zinger.

Notorious definitely knows how to appeal to his sizeable audiences and played up to the ocassion well.

His jokes, though, may need a little work.

We know that Mayweather is quite a bit older than you McGregor, what else is new?

McGregor may have touched on a nerve when speaking about money, however, as Mayweather has been accused of only agreeing to the fight to help foot a tax bill.

Mayweather has spoken up about his rumoured massive tax bill, telling fans to believe “none of what you hear.”

Talking about Mayweather’s tax issues, McGregor said that: “He should of paid his taxes and stayed retired and kept my name out of his mouth.”

Mayweather responded in part by posting a photo of three cheques stuffed with money and this caption: “These are the facts.

“Uncle Sam received $26,000,000 from me in 2015!

“What else could they possibly want? I’m sure I would have been notified much sooner if there were any real discrepancies right?

“You can crunch numbers all day but in the end, my empire is rock solid and intact! Now Calculate That!”

Both fighters are set to earn a staggering $100 million from the fight and are currently on a worldwide tour to promote the August 26 bout.

On Friday, the pair will touch down in London and deliver a conference at Wembley Stadium. Who knows what gold McGregor will come up with there?

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