Johanna Konta advances to Wimbledon semi-final after defeating Simona Halep

Johanna Konta is the name on everyone’s lips at this year’s Wimbledon Championships.

The British number one is at the top of her game right now and has enjoyed a spectacular rise through the rankings since last year.

Konta was among the bookmakers favourites to go on and win the Wimbledon Women’s Single’s tournament before the All England Club opened its doors.

She very much looks like she can go all the way to the title after becoming the first British woman to reach the Semi-Finals in 39 years, beating the second seed Simona Halep two sets to one in the quarter-finals.

You can watch the moment she clinches victory further down this article.

As you will see, Konta wins the match after Halep faults and hits the ball into the net. This kind of play is standard practice in tennis.

If you listen, however, you’ll hear a loud scream from an audience member just before Halep plays her return.

The audience is supposed to remain silent during play, encouraged to cheer and clap after points are won.

These rules are there to stop pesky audience members from purposefully trying to put players off – something that definitely appeared to happen to Halep when playing Konta.

It just so happens that someone screamed right before Halep attempted to return what looked a relatively simple shot at a complicated point of the match for herself. Konta needed just one point to win the quarter-final.

Halep seemed distracted and didn’t put much force behind her shot.

Instead of complaining, however, she simply let Konta claim victory. She had every right to complain to the umpire and replay the point.

It’s fair to say, however, that people noticed the loud, off-putting scream and the controversy around it.

You can watch it below.

NPC DJFitness had this to say on the matter: “That last point should have been replayed. Halep clearly distracted by obnoxious screaming fan.”

Gelu Boscai backed him up, claiming: “Konta won the game with the help of the spectator. The last point should be replayed. Shame for the referee”.

Ryan Blevins felt the same way, but was surprised to see Halep not complain: “They should have replayed that point. Hats off to Halep for not blowing a lid.”

Perhaps Halep knew that her goose was cooked.

She was two games down in the final set, with Konta holding onto a two-point lead, serving for the quarter-final victory. Maybe Halep just didn’t want to carry on any longer than she had to?

Even if they replayed the point, Konta would have likely gone on to win the match.

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