Conor McGregor seeks help from professional boxer ahead of Floyd Mayweather showdown

UFC 205: Open Workouts

Paulie Malignaggi, the former light-welterweight and welterweight champion, has confirmed that he will be joining Conor McGregor in a training camp this week as the Irishman looks to work on his technique and discipline for the fight.

But, the New-York-Italian insists he will remain professional and constructive with his work with McGregor and his team, a team he isn't going to stand head and shoulders above.

"I wouldn't say I'm going there to train him but I might be able to give him some technical titbits," he insisted.

"I think Conor has a very capable training team, he has a team that understands him inside and outside the octagon.

"I'll be going there to spar and if I see anything then of course I'll share my views."

McGregor and Mayweather ended their world press tour on Friday in London amidst plenty more charade, in keeping with the rest of the tour.

Mayweather, at one point, even implying he would beat McGregor in a UFC Octagon.

While no one is likely to give much credibility to that statement, in a straight up boxing match, Mayweather is the clear favourite, but Malignaggi has gone on the record to say he thinks McGregor has a chance.

"I don't think you can say that Conor can win the fight [on points], you look for him to have moments.

UFC 205: Open Workouts

"If he can get Floyd's attention, maybe land a shot or a combination; if he can set Floyd traps and he has a moment here or there, sometimes a moment becomes a bigger moment and sometimes that ends the fight," he added.

"I believe Floyd will be in control but if Conor has certain moments and get his confidence, can that moment become a bigger moment? Floyd is 40 and hasn't fought for two years and that does count. Of course, Conor has never fought a professional boxing fight and that counts too, so there are pros and cons."

The fight will take place on August 26.

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