What McGregor has done that boosts his chances against Mayweather

In preparation for his mega-money crossover fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. on August 26, Conor McGregor has checked into a state-of-the-art UFC Performance Institute.

As the fight approaches, it’s clear that McGregor is taking it seriously and wants to win. Away from the spotlight and cameras, McGregor is a driven athlete.

Due to his arrival at this state-of-the-art training facility, odds on McGregor beating Mayweather have fallen.

After every grueling session, McGregor has been immersing himself in a -278 degree cryotherapy chamber. The Performance Institute is the real deal and the best money can buy.

His six-week stay at the Institute will ensure that he is in peak physical condition by the time he enters the ring against Mayweather.

Following this move from McGregor, there’s been a growing support for him to surprise everyone and beat Mayweather on August 26.

The odds on McGregor winning have tumbled from 9-1 to 4-1 in both the UK and the USA. There definitely appears to be a growing confidence among McGregor’s fans.

Despite the rise in confidence surrounding McGregor, Mayweather is still odds-on favourite to win the mega-money crossover fight and take his personal win tally to 50-not-out. You’ll find the best price on Mayweather winning at 1-6.

McGregor’s move into the UFC Performance Institute will prove good business for them as well.

They only opened last month, combining the most up to date training methods with skilled scientific knowledge that should ensure all who enter the doors to walk away in peak physical condition.

McGregor’s use will provide a great advert for the Institute, especially if he goes on to beat Mayweather.

It’s not long now until we find out who wins the crossover fight to end all crossover fights, but it seems like both fighters are taking what many have called a farce, very seriously indeed.

Pure boxing fans are of the opinion that this fight is just being staged for the money, rather than for the prestige of winning, or for the good of the sport.

Some feel the good name of boxing isn’t being taken altogether seriously.

Hopefully, however, McGregor’s state-of-the-art training will see him enter the ring at least resembling a honed boxer.

One thing’s for sure. More people will sit up and notice if McGregor beats Mayweather rather than the other way around and it could even see McGregor begin a successful boxing career alongside his UFC one.

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