Watch: J.J. Redick drops amazing behind the scenes doc on free agency

Equal parts introspective and provocative, there’s a new must-see bit of media on Wednesday if you care about NBA circles.

Now that the dust is largely settled when it comes to free agency and the rest of the offseason, there’s not much to talk about during this stretch of the NBA calendar.

That’s why timing is everything.

This is known by former Duke star and new Philadelphia 76ers sharpshooter J.J. Redick, who gave fans an at times agonizing look inside his process of choosing a new team this summer.

Redick had been a member of the Los Angeles Clippers for four seasons but was not offered a contract by the team, which also decided this summer to part ways with point guard Chris Paul.

Redick had already packed up his house in California, though, before free agency began as he knew he wasn’t going to return, even if he was wanted.

In one of the most illuminating parts of the documentary, Redick describes how things devolved in L.A.

“It’s sh**ty to say this, but I think I’ve had a loss of joy,” Redick said in the doc, which was aptly titled, “The Process.”

“I look at our team and how we play, it’s just, there’s no joy in it.”

Redick then looked at the camera: “That bothers me.”

He also described driving to the arena for a Game 7 loss against the Utah Jazz in round one, a game where Redick has the premonition that it might be his last game for the Clippers while heading into Staples Center.

True to his sense of the end, in the doc Redick said he didn’t hear from the Clippers for 36 days after the season ended. Only when vice president of basketball operations Lawrence Frank called about 24 hours before free agency began for a “break-up call” did he hear from his former team.

Redick also recalled a 2013 meeting with a team where he thought he would get a huge contract offer from the team. He was not extended an offer. He also said free agent conversations are happening throughout the year, contrary to what players often say.

The most fascinating parts about the video were likely the scenes with his wife, Chelsea.

Chelsea wanted to move to Brooklyn, their offseason home, and have Redick play for the Nets. Redick asked Chelsea to rank Brooklyn, Philadelphia or Miami one through three. She chose Brooklyn as one through three.

“It’s time for him to take one for the team,” Chelsea said.

However, as we all know, Redick went with Philadephia.


Have a look and judge for yourself how the conversations around the house are going.

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