Andrew "Beef" Johnston stands by his Twitter rant

146th Open Championship - Final Round

Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston is a colorful character to say the least.

The English golfer has always been a fan favorite; he’s not one to mince his words and says it like it is.

The latest target of the Brit was talkSPORT host Mike Parry of The Two Mikes, who was labeled a ‘d******d’ in a tweet posted on Saturday.

In all fairness, Parry had it coming.

Beef was playing in the 2017 Open Championship at the prestigious Royal Birkdale Golf Club in Southport, England, when the incident happened.

On his show ‘The Two Mikes’, Mike Parry took offense to the golfer's larger-than-life persona, particularly with Johnston being announced on the tee at The Open as 'Beef'.

The presenter posted a poll on social media asking followers if Johnston was a clown or an inspiration.

The rather stupefying question asked - “Is Beef an inspiration to young golfers or a clown?”

The tweet was condemned unanimously by the twitterati, but the harshest reply came from Beef himself.

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The English golfer replied to the original tweet with the message: “If I’m a clown for enjoying my work then so be it. Ur a sad person and couldn’t care less wat u think.”

Former IBF middleweight champion Darren Barker then tweeted Beef saying: “Jealously strikes yet again mate. #inspiration #100%.”

And Johnston replied: “He’s a d***head.”

The British then aimed one right at Mike Parry, tweeting directly to him: “Never been bout money. @mikeparry8 look at wat I'm doing trying to get into sports ur a dick head.”

146th Open Championship - Final Round

In the aftermath of the spat, Andrew Johnston said that he ‘regretted nothing’ and would react the same way gain.

He said: “You’ve got to stand up. Would you take it someone said your beard looks s**t and you’ve got f***ed up teeth? Exactly.

“When he’s taking p*** out of my face, my teeth, and stuff like that, I think it’s bang out of order.”

He further added: “I got in after my round yesterday and then showed a poll saying, am I an inspiration or a clown? And I kind of went off a little bit. It annoyed me.

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“I don’t mind being criticised, to take people’s opinions and see what I can do better.

“But when he’s taking the p*** out of my face and teeth I think it’s bang out of order.” 

A number of figures from golf and beyond came out in defense of Johnston, including Nick Faldo, Thomas Bjorn, and Joey Barton. T

he consensus is clear, Mike Parry was way out of line.

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