Barry McGuigan offers his opinion on Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

With just a month left before Conor McGregor makes his boxing debut against icon Floyd Mayweather, the countdown has well and truly begun and tensions are starting to mount.

After what seems like years of speculation, the fight has been confirmed and if it is finally going ahead on August 26.

According to boxing legend Barry McGuigan, he doesn’t expect the fight to be even mildly competitive, and he believes that McGregor is ‘’going to get his head boxed off’.

Let’s look at the facts.

Mayweather has a 49-0 record, and McGregor is without a doubt, one of the biggest stars in UFC today.

According to Dana White, this is set to be the biggest fight, EVER.

However, Barry McGuigan has been quoted as saying: “Good for boxing in many ways, also bad for it because it’s like a circus with this.

“It’s like WWE wrestling. He’s an incredible self-publicist, incredible self-publicist. He is UFC. You think UFC, what you’re thinking about is Conor McGregor, jumping up and beating his chest on top of the cage. He is a terrific personality. But he’ll get the head boxed off him.

Circus or not, WWE has a huge following, as does this fight.

When talking about the fight itself, McGuigan is pretty confident that Mayweather will batter the Irishman.

“If he [McGregor] doesn’t get stopped, I’ll be disappointed.

“But the other thing, when the fight comes on, Mayweather will have been out almost three years and he’s 40 years old. So that’s something and he’s never had good hands, so he might not be able to hit him hard enough to make a difference. Plus the fact that McGregor puts on 20 pounds after a weigh-in, so he’ll come into the ring at 174lbs. He’ll be a light-heavyweight in the ring.

“That is significant in your ability to absorb punishment and digest power and take a shot. He’s awkward too, southpaw, got that crabby style.

“If Mayweather didn’t punch the head off him, I would be hugely disappointed. It’s good and bad, the bad side is it’s just over the top. But for once you see Mayweather diminished. He’s not the main protagonist from a speaking point of view. Which is remarkable when you think about.”

Many following this bout will know all too well that McGregor is renowned for piling on the pounds after a weigh-in, before a fight. In some cases, this can be as much as 20lbs, meaning he will arrive in the ring weighing in at around 173 lbs, akin to a light-heavyweight.

When it comes to taking a beating and soaking up a good pounding, this will help. His somewhat stiff southpaw style will also be interesting to see against boxing legend Mayweather.

There is no doubting that McGregor is a superb showman and has brought life back to the UFC after it has been somewhat lacking since the likes of the Ice Man, and others of his era.

Mayweather, who had previously retired from boxing, turned 40 earlier this year and has not had a professional fight for almost three years. This is either going to be the boxing match of the century or a massive flop.

It has surprised many people that Nevada has approved McGregor for a full 12-round bout with no tune up. Nevada is well-known to those in the industry for their strict safety regulations, but then again, the major amount of money that is set to be made from this bout could have had something to do with that.

It is predicted that there will be one of the largest TV audiences in place for what is being talked up as one of the biggest fights in boxing history.

Although the time of the fight has not yet been confirmed; there will be millions up regardless of the hour, glued to their TVs.

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