Bryce Harper blames his walk-up music for his ejection from Wednesday's game

Milwaukee Brewers v Washington Nationals

Washington Nationals superstar Bryce Harper plays the game with a lot of passion, which explains why he is such an all-around talent.

However, that same passion sometimes gets him in trouble, as he can be very forward and argumentative on the baseball field when he feels like he's been wronged (just ask San Francisco Giants reliever Hunter Strickland, who had Harper charge the mound on him earlier this year).

On Wednesday against the Milwaukee Brewers, Harper's passion earned him an ejection, as he was visibly upset with home plate umpire Chris Segal following an eighth-inning strikeout.

However, when asked about the ejection after the game, Harper hilariously attributed his emotional outburst to his walk-up song, telling that he may need to switch to some gentler music in the future:

"I think I need to change my playlist, because I get a little fired up," Harper said. "'5AM' really got me fired up, by Logic. I called my brother and was like, 'Man, I'm so fired up to play today.' I guess it got me a little too fired up. I guess I need to mix in some Temptations and some of those jazz bands to calm me down a little bit."

The Nationals host the Brewers again on Thursday, so it'll be interesting to see if Harper actually follows through on his joke and walks up to the plate with jazz music playing.

Though Harper didn't like the call on the first strike in the eighth-inning at-bat, he insisted that he wasn't yelling at Segal and instead was cursing at himself for striking out in a big moment during a tight ballgame:

"Runner on third, instead of being 2-0, you're 1-1," he said. "Little fired up on the pitch he threw me down. That's a tough lefty right there, so you never want to help him out. I said it was down. I screamed a little bit. I didn't really say any profanity. I don't think I did, at least. But I knew it was down. Swung on the pitch, kicked the dirt. I didn't really yell at him. I just yelled because I was mad that I struck out, and he tossed me.

"I don't know why he tossed me. I don't know if he tossed me because I kicked the dirt or he thought I was yelling at him, but at that point, I was not trying to yell at him. I was just pretty fired up about striking out in a big situation like that."

The Nationals scored seven runs in the eighth inning to come from behind to win 8-5, so Harper's ejection didn't hurt the team. Still, in the future, it may be a good thing if he chills out a bit before he steps into the batter's box.

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