NBA 2K18 will have the most realistic MyGM mode ever

This article only scratches the surface of the new additions to NBA 2K18 MyGM and MyLeague modes. To find out more. Click RIGHT HERE.

NBA 2K has been the leading basketball game across the world for over a decade now and can be considered one of the best sports franchises in gaming history. 

When you’re on top, there is always pressure to improve, and while some developers will rest on their laurels, that can not be said about NBA 2K. 

The 2017 iteration of their famous game saw a plethora of new additions both online and in single-player, and in the upcoming edition, the focus has really shifted to the MyGM and MyCareer modes. 

GiveMeSport spoke to Senior Producer of NBA 2K18, Erick Boenisch, to learn about the cutting-edge changes that fans can expect upon the game’s release on September 19.

The biggest change comes in the shape of ‘MyGM: The Next Chapter,’ and immersive story that will tell play out depending on the decisions you make when talking to players, GMs, coaches and owners. 

“Everyone will play it and get their own results,” said Boenisch. “You can choose your own adventure.

“The new features in the game are linear. Very mechanical. We took a creative foray into story telling. The process was about me & my team coming up with a narrative. Being able to create something with hype & enthusiasm.”

Many sports games in the past have included career modes, like MyCareer, that have been an immersive storytelling adventure, but this is the first time in gaming history that a management model will be given the storytelling treatment. 

Innovation. Authenticity. Engagement.

That’s the phrase coined by the team at 2K. And it has been key to shaping the new game given the swathe of changes that have been implemented in the NBA following the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The new CBA has changed a lot of things when it comes to player development, contracts and general roster management. In the name of authenticity, 2K have worked incredibly hard to introduce these new elements to the game.

The newly-revamped G-League, although not playable, will be included and the use of two-way contracts will be in place.

With the new-found ability to extend, rotate and build your roster for the future, player scouting will be more important than ever before, and the new iteration will include an advanced tool, dubbed by Boenisch as ‘the ultimate scouting tool.’

You can plot players based on raw stats, per game stats, per 36 minutes, or per 100 possessions and make a decision that can influence the ultimate success of your tenure as a general manager. 

Building the future of an organisation hinges on the success GMs have in the draft, and for the first time in history, draft night will allow players to trade draft rights. And you can expect to see a lot of optimistic trades being thrown in your direction. 

“CPU to CPU trades were the loosest part of trading logic in previous games”, said Boenisch. “They have been tightened in 2K18 and offers are more optimistic. We tried to make it more realistic.”

Realism is key in MyGM: The Next Chapter, and plenty of effort has been put into ensuring generate draft classes are as realistic as could possibly be. 

“We spent a fairly considerable chunk of time early in development this year re-thinking how we
generate prospects. It was very complex to do with 50 different attributes and 70 different tendencies.”

The topics covered in this article are just the tip of the iceberg. NBA 2K18 is sure to be the most realistic general manager and league experience in gaming history. Find out more about the new features RIGHT HERE.

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