Report: One specific offer from the Phoenix Suns would acquire Kyrie Irving

In what has been one of the busiest and most interesting offseasons in the NBA, Kyrie Irving’s request to be traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers is definitely the biggest talking point. 

Despite reaching three consecutive Finals together and winning a championship in 2016, Irving is reportedly unwilling to continue playing with Cavs superstar LeBron James. 

The star point guard has two years remaining on his contract with the Cavaliers and has reportedly given them a list of four teams he’d like to join; the San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, New York Knicks and Minnesota Timberwolves.

Cleveland is still in a strong position to get something valuable in return for Kyrie, however, and are under no pressure to make a quick deal due to the length of his current deal. 

They are likely to be patient and evaluate all options before deciding whether or not to actually move the four-time All-Star. 

Reports have claimed that up to 20 teams have already contacted the Cavs to begin negotiations for Irving, but realistically there are only a handful of teams around the league that can offer them an attractive deal. 

One of those teams is the Phoenix Suns. With some promising young assets, mixed with a desire to acquire a franchise player, the Suns can certainly put an interesting offer on the table and there is apparently one deal they could propose that would make it happen. 

According to Joe Vardon of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Cavaliers would accept a trade that includes guard Eric Bledsoe, rookie Josh Jackson and a first round pick. 

“Cleveland also wants Josh Jackson, a 6’8″ rookie drafted fourth overall by the Suns in June,” said Vardon. “Phoenix reportedly doesn’t want to trade Jackson, and a source said the Suns told Devin Booker he would not be traded — which would seem to put a serious hamper in this potential trade.

“If that deal (Bledsoe, Miami first rounder and Jackson) for Irving was there, it’d be done by now.”

Trading Booker is out of the question as Phoenix is determined to build a team around the 20-year-old who averaged 22.1 points per game last season. 

The Arizona-based franchise has also reportedly dismissed the possibility of trading Jackson, but they will have to make some sacrifices in order to land one of best point guards in the league. 

After drafting Andrew Wiggins in 2014, the Cavs also said they wouldn’t trade him at that time but moved him to acquire Kevin Love at the first possible opportunity so there’s no guarantee the Suns will hold onto Jackson. 

The potential Irving trade is likely to last for several months and even go into the new campaign but Phoenix is certainly becoming a realistic destination for the 25-year-old. 

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