Watch: Bird almost gets destroyed by fastball during A's-Twins game

Minnesota Twins v Oakland Athletics

If you go to an Oakland A's game during daylight hours, it's a safe bet that, before the game is over, seagulls are going to be swooping into the stadium anticipating a late-afternoon snack.

However, other than occasional appearances in the outfield, the annoying birds usually stay away from the action on the field.

That was not the case on Sunday afternoon, though, as the A's were facing off against the Minnesota Twins at the Oakland Coliseum.

As you can see in the videos below, one brave bird decided to fly between the Minnesota pitcher and A's batter Khris Davis right as a fastball was barreling toward home plate: 

There are a couple of incredible things to note in the videos. First off, that bird was lucky to escape with its life, as even a below-average major-league fastball would have obliterated it. Secondly, the fact that Davis was able to make contact and foul the pitch off shows incredible focus and proves just how impressive MLB hitters are.

Naturally, when a bird has a close call, fans are inevitably reminded of longtime star pitcher Randy Johnson, who once turned a bird into a cloud of feathers after the unfortunate fowl got in the way of one of his legendary fastballs:

Luckily in the above videos, the bird at the A's game on Sunday was able to enjoy the french fry it risked its life for and didn't end up like the bird Johnson destroyed.

Minnesota Twins v Oakland Athletics

The A's went on to win the game 6-5, no thanks to their winged friends, to improve to 46-59 on the season. The winning hit came in the bottom of the 12th inning, when first baseman Yonder Alonso smacked a walk-off home run to send A's fans home happy.

After the game, Alonso told reporters he was just trying to get a good pitch to hit and was happy to see it leave the park for the winning homer (via

"I think for me it was just coming back to the basics, making sure I was getting good pitches to hit, making sure that I was using the whole field and at the end of the day just making sure I get a good pitch," Alonso said. "I've got to get a strike."

The A's will likely be sellers before Monday's trade deadline, as they trail the first-place Houston Astros by 22.5 games in the American League West division. The Twins, similarly, have fallen seven games behind the Cleveland Indians in the AL Central and may be forced to sell off some of their veteran assets.

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