Paulie Malignaggi reacts to videos from sparring session with Conor McGregor

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As the fallout continues following former boxing world champion Paulie Malignaggi's exit from UFC star Conor McGregor's camp, Malignaggi has taken to Twitter to not only respond to criticism but to use the platform to put across his side of the story and to explain, in his view, the truth of what actually took place during the sparring sessions with the UFC star.

In the subsequent interviews following the sparring sessions, McGregor insisted that he had dominated the former boxing world champion and was adamant.

After McGregor's camp released images of the sessions, Malignaggi took exception and even revealed yesterday that fellow boxer, Andre Berto had also chosen not to spar the Irishman as a result of the controversy.


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The fallout has taken on a whole new dimension after UFC chief, Dana White recently released a video of the sparring sessions via Twitter, causing fans to take to the same platform to question and berate Malignaggi. 

White actually released two videos on Twitter last night. One showed the fighters in a skirmish. McGregor throws a left, causing Malignaggi to stumble and fall to the canvas. In the second video, The Irishman throws two hellacious left hands, that stun Malignaggi. There is an audible reaction to the shots by those watching ringside.

The videos certainly put a different spin on the unsavoury exchange between the two fighters and add more context to the images that were released.

Malignaggi has since responded to the leaked videos of the knockdown and insists it was not a clean knockdown.

The 36-year-old had previously insisted he had been pushed down but not everyone agrees.

Nevertheless, he remains unhappy that only a couple of short clips have been revealed even though they actually sparred for 20 rounds. 

Malignaggi has continued to request that video of the full 12 rounds is released to the public, saying "Course but that's why they cut out the footage b4 u can hear Cortez say it. Full 36 min footage will show Conor losing this session tho"

Reaction to the videos has been fierce. Boxing and UFC fans have taken to Twitter to question Malignaggi's version of events, retweeting clips of the sparring sessions that appear to cast doubt on the American's version of events.

The continuing verbal spars back and forth are certainly adding fuel to the fire. For many, it has added another layer of anticipation for McGregor's fight with Mayweather on August 26.

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