Usain Bolt has reaffirmed his stance that drug cheats should be banned for life in Athletics


Doping has been an epidemic in athletics for a number of decades, and its widespread use has almost tarnished the reputation of the sport.

Several athletes have turned to drugs in order to maximise their results.

The most famous is probably Justin Gatlin, who served two lengthy bans after being caught doping in both 2001 and 2006.

In fact, the problem of doping got so severe in athletics, that Russia have been banned from competing in the sport due to the sheer amount of competitors that were caught.

And, many leading sportsmen have expressed their condemnation of doping, including Mo Farah and Usain Bolt; both of which have been able to dominate their respective events without the need for illegal substances.

Bolt in particular has been able to fend off challengers time and time again; with his beaten rivals often turning to drugs in order to try and get the better of the Jamaican great.

Tyson Gay, Justin Gatlin, Asafa Powell, and Yohan Blake are just four names that took drugs, and still could not get the better of Bolt.

But, upon his retirement, the Jamaican legend once again expressed his damnation of drug cheats, and he also conveyed his belief that anyone caught trying to gain an advantage illegally should be given life bans.

Taken from a report by The Guardian, Bolt said: “I’ve always been strong on doping.

16th IAAF World Athletics Championships London 2017 - Day Ten

"I feel like athletes should get life bans. If you go out of your way to cheat to be a better athlete I feel you should get life bans, that’s a fact.

"We hit rock bottom last year or the year before and now we’re on our way back up. Now we have to be strict on this to help the sport stay in a good place.

"I’ve proven to the world you can do it. You can be great without doping, that’s one of the things I want to preach to the younger kids."

Unfortunately for Bolt, he did not enjoy the fairy tale ending that he probably hoped for in his athletics career, but he is still an incredible role model for youngsters looking to make a mark in the sport.

16th IAAF World Athletics Championships London 2017 - Day Ten

The Jamaican great won eight Olympic gold medals and 14 World Championship medals in a quite extraordinary career.

When drugs were rife in the sport, the 30-year-old never tried to gain an advantage illegally.

All of his main rivals turned to drugs in order to beat Bolt, but still none could beat the great man.

Usain Bolt is the perfect example that you do not need drugs in order to be the world's best, and his achievements should be applauded even more for the fact he dominated the sport and broke numerous records whilst remaining a clean athlete. 

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