David Robinson thinks Spurs would be 'crazy' not to trade for star player

Robinson holds Championship trophy

The Kyrie Irving saga has enveloped the NBA during the long offseason, becoming one of the last remaining storylines that lacks a conclusion.

Kyrie's reported trade request, and the internal turmoil the Cleveland Cavaliers are sorting through in a rough offseason, doesn't appear to be any closer to an ending. The Cavaliers are carefully taking their time, said to be focused on finding a trade package centered around a young star Cleveland can build toward the future with. 

Irving, meanwhile, provided a list of teams he's interested in playing for. One of those teams, the San Antonio Spurs, remains as one of the most intriguing possibilities. The Spurs lack the young talent Cleveland desires, but one Spurs legend clearly thinks the franchise needs to take a serious crack at acquiring Kyrie. 

"The Admiral" David Robinson is one of the most respected greats of all-time, and the Spurs legend joined SiriusXM NBA Radio to discuss the potential of Irving landing with the Spurs. 

“We’d be crazy not to want a talented guy like [Kyrie Irving]. He’s been a force... I certainly think you add a talent like that to a system that can enhance his impact in the game and make him more efficient,” Robinson said, as transcribed by Khristian Ibarrola of Inquirer.net.

It would make plenty of sense for the Spurs to move all-in on landing Irving. Dangling a package of Tony Parker, LaMarcus Aldridge and additional pieces would allow Cleveland to remain competitive while San Antonio re-stocked its own future. Reports indicate Kyrie would be open to signing a contract extension immediately if traded to the Spurs, adding more fuel to the fire. 

San Antonio Spurs v Cleveland Cavaliers

Kawhi Leonard just turned 26 and is barely at the start of his prime, while Kyrie is similarly barely 25 and hitting his stride. San Antonio would have two franchise centerpieces to build forward with that are on the same timeline, so to speak.

Robinson thinks San Antonio would be a fantastic next stop for Irving's career, though surely every legendary ambassador for teams feels the same away about the potential of the one-time NBA champion and four-time NBA All-Star joining their respective teams. 

“It’s just an enjoyable atmosphere where your teammates encourage one another, love one another. I can only see positive things. … We can only dream about good stuff like that," Robinson said.

Kawhi and Kyrie would be one of the best dynamic duos in the league, and it'd allow San Antonio a full reboot of the post-Tim Duncan era. Cleveland has its eyes on young talent, though, so it may be nothing more than something "The Admiral" can dream about. 

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