Tony Bellew explains why he was respectful to David Haye after their fight

Five months on and the appetite among boxing fans for a heavyweight rematch between Tony Bellew and David Haye remains high.

Bellew won their first fight in March, after Haye ruptured his Achilles in the sixth round – eventually finishing off the former heavyweight champion in the 11th.

Afterwards, Haye admitted Bellew deserved his victory, but there is undoubtedly still unfinished business between the two.

“There is unfinished business because that injury robbed me of my total glory, I still took a lot of glory from that victory,” Bellew told Sky Sports.

“He hit me with the best he had in the first and second round. I hit him with the best I had. He couldn’t take it, and I could. I slayed the ‘Hayefaker’.”

However, promoter Eddie Hearn admitted earlier this month that a proposed rematch between the two was “virtually dead” after they had failed to agree to the terms of a rematch.

Bellew doesn’t appear to be feeling any more confident an agreement will be reached.

He added: “In my opinion, we’re miles apart. People might say it’s getting closer, we’re miles apart. I’m not bending to any of his demands. It’s just not happening whatsoever.”

Bellew also discussed his sporting behavior after their first fight.

Despite Bellew’s much publicised personal dislike of David Haye, Bellew was respectful of his opponent after the fight was brought to an end, and helped him back to his corner. Bellew has finally now revealed why he showed his opponent respect, and it has nothing to do with David Haye himself:

The 34-year-old has now revealed why that although he did show his opponent some respect, his opponent on Haye as a person hasn’t changed.

“I’ll always respect him as an athlete, he’s an amazing athlete, an amazing boxer. Have I ever respected him as a person? No.

“The only reason I paid him respect after the first fight was because he had just secured my family’s future. That is why I was emotional after the fight. It had nothing really to do with him.”

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