Triple H discusses what he feels the WWE's biggest competitor is


The WWE has stood alone atop the wrestling mountain for over a decade now, absorbing both WCW and ECW and never looking back. 

There was a time when Monday Night RAW couldn't touch WCW's Nitro, back when Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan turned the nWo into a worldwide phenomenon. Vince McMahon kept his head down and eventually, the WWE would come out ahead. 

Nowadays even competitors that were once in the mix, like TNA was at one point, seem to be further than ever. There would appear to be just one promotion that can challenge the WWE, and that's New Japan Pro Wrestling. Not if you ask Triple H, though. 

Paul "Triple H" Levesque joined CBS Sports' In This Corner Podcast and was asked about competition in sports entertainment. When asked if there was a promotion he felt the WWE needs to keep an eye on, The Game had an interesting response. 

"When you say, 'What's the No. 2 promotion?' and 'WWE doesn't have a promotion knocking on its door and pushing them,' Raw and SmackDown do. Raw and SmackDown have a promotion right on their tail pushing them to do more. That promotion is going to run a show on Saturday night at the Barclays Center, and it's called NXT," HHH said, as transcribed by Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc.

Triple H does a good job of putting NXT over, but his development brand certainly isn't viewed as "competition" to RAW and SmackDown Live by fans. It's the incredible matches being featured at NJPW, led by the likes of Kenny Omega, Kazuchika Okada and Tetsuya Naito. 

The WWE clearly has NJPW on their minds, as many of their most recent big free agent acquisitions are from the quickly-growing promotion. Even so, Triple H doesn't think the WWE needs to change to match the in-ring proficiency NJPW talent is putting on. 

"I don't think anyone forces anyone to make adjustments, I think it's just that the world changes. What people will accept changes? What people will like changes?

"People's styles that I bring in, I'm not trying to change these performers, I'm trying to give them a platform and then take them on that platform and make the biggest, global star you can make. Whether that goes on to NXT and then on to SmackDown or Raw, whatever that is. A lot of these kids, I want them to be headlining WrestleMania," Triple H said.

This is probably the best stance the company can take, even if it's a bit strange. The WWE would only be doing a favor to NJPW by acknowledging their success, and ultimately the company isn't in any danger of their product causing a fallout from generations of wrestling fans that were born and raised watching McMahon's product. 

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