Floyd Mayweather reveals his plans for the week leading up to Conor McGregor showdown


With the highly anticipated clash between boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and UFC superstar Conor McGregor only a week away, the preparation leading up to the fight has been the subject of much speculation.

With only seven days left, both fighters are no doubt finalising their gameplans and ensuring nothing is left to chance.

After all, the reputations of both fighters is on the line.

Mayweather's reputaion more so, as anything less than a win will not go down too well with boxing fans, especially after his scathing comments hinting at McGregor's boxing ability.

In many ways, McGregor comes to the clash as a somewhat unknown quantity and Mayweather, despite his overwhelming boxing skills, will need to be very careful with the confident and charismatic Irishman.

Despite all of this, Mayweather has reverted to type and has not only been supremely confident about the fight, but has also been very relaxed - so much so, that he has pledged to party every day until the fight.

The 40-year-old fighter took to Twitter to let his fans know his plans, saying: "Come hang out with me tonight at 'Girl Collection' and ask me anything you want, live and in person.

"Starting tonight August 17 all the way throught to August 28, I'll be at the one and only Girl Collection meeting and greeting my fans.

"That's right, I'm partying the entire week before my fight all the way through to next Monday following my fight only at Girl Collection!!!.

"Bring your friends and meet me there #FightWeek @Floyd Mayweather."

Mayweather, no doubt, used the opportunity to promote his new gentleman's club, underlining just how relaxed he is in the lead up to the fight.

It should not come as a surprise as Mayweather is a fighter that thrives on confidence and likes to stay as loose as possible before a bout.

The American will be keen to silence any and all doubters when he faces McGregor, and despite being somewhat relaxed, realises there is a lot on the line.


In an interview with American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel this week, he said: "I try not to think about losing or taking the 'L.' That's not really my focus. Every day I tell myself I am a winner. I was born to be a winner at life. Not just in the ring but I was born to be a winner. But when a fighter has been dominating for 20-some years and never lost, everything is on the line."

Fans and pundits alike can't wait for the fight to take place.

With Mayweather's relaxed nature, everyone will be eager to see how he fares on August 26.

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