Conor McGregor's coach makes his prediction for Floyd Mayweather fight

Conor McGregor Media Workout

John Kavanagh, Conor McGregor's longtime MMA coach, has made some fairly accurate predictions over Notorious' UFC career.

On August 26, fans and pundits will find out if the Irishman's uncanny accuracy will cross over to the boxing world.

Speaking on Monday's MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Kavanagh said McGregor will knockout Mayweather once the latter takes a back step.

"When the two of them walk to the middle, one of them has to take a back step," he said.

"If Floyd takes a back step, which I believe he will, then I predict round six."

Although Mayweather signalled his intention to trade blows with McGregor, Kavanagh, who studied Mayweather's fights in the run up to the bout, gives little credit to this.

"I think for the first five rounds, he will back up, he will lie on the ropes the way he does, he will cover up and try to just absorb, and try to wear Conor down.

"Conor will walk forward, [Mayweather will] back up, and he’ll aim to just pot-shot, cover up, cover up, pot-shot, clinch, pot-shot, and just try to get through the first couple of rounds."

This seems to be the best hope Kavanagh is willing to give to Floyd, who has made it all the way to 49-0 as a defensive fighter, technically skilled and almost impossible to hit. 

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But, Kavanagh thinks if Mayweather were to try and switch things up and adopt a more aggressive approach, it will be over as quick as it begins.

"If he doesn’t take a back step, and we’ll all see it — we’ll all see their feet, we’ll all see who walks backwards — if he walks forward and exchanges, it’ll be a one-round fight.

"It’ll be over in a minute. Because he’d be fighting in such a way that’s not normal to him, he won’t have had time to develop the skillset for an aggressive exchanging fighter."

There have been endless predictions made about this fight, set to be one of the biggest spectacles of the decade.

Conor McGregor Media Workout

But, the recurring theme is always the same: can Conor McGregor virtually jump successfully into the very top of the boxing world with a relatively small amount of preparation.

Kavanagh is an accomplished MMA coach, not a boxing coach, and team McGregor rejected offers from established boxing coaches like Pascal Collins. 

Kavanagh, however, is confident that not hiring a boxing coach will only play to McGregor's advantages, as MMA striking coach Owen Roddy has devised an approach that has not been brought to Floyd before.

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