Former Thunder coach potentially takes veiled shot at Kevin Durant, star players

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The NBA landscape has been rapidly shifting over the past several years, with star players making their impact felt in the offseason by controlling their fate. 

Whether that's LeBron James taking his talents to South Beach before returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers, or Kevin Durant leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder to create a super-duper team with the Golden State Warriors, NBA stars know they have more control than ever. 

Enter Scott Brooks, who watched a nucleus of stars including James Harden and Durant help the Thunder rise to the top. He's now coaching the Washington Wizards, but the former leading-voice of Oklahoma City had some interesting comments about star players jumping ship.

The Wizards are fresh off of signing John Wall to a four-year, $207 million extension. They re-signed Bradley Beal last summer, and also worked out a contract with rising star Otto Porter this offseason. Washington is keeping the top talent of its core together, something Brooks watched deteriorate over the years with the Thunder. 

Brooks shared his thoughts on stars leaving the teams that draft them, and may have taken a veiled shot at the stars he once coached on the Thunder. This certainly comes across as a poke at Durant leaving the Thunder.

"It's critical that your star players want to stay and play for the team. Without getting into the details that you all are well aware of, like in this past summer, that's not always the case. We have our three players that we drafted all wanting to stay here and stay long-term.

"That's good. That's good because if you don't have your best players wanting to stay here, then nobody wants to stay here. But we have John committed... I love guys that care for their team and John does care for his team." Brooks said, according to Chase Hughes of CSN Midatlantic

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Brooks may or may not be hinting at Durant leaving Oklahoma City, but overall it's a critique of star players leaving franchise's behind. Ultimately that's what free agency is about, though, and players deserve the opportunity to make a decision for themselves. 

If a franchise player is checked out and ready to move on, though, it doesn't help matters internally for organizations. There's definite truth to the fact that if stars are ready to abandon ship, lesser role players will follow suit.

That's the way it goes when a player is ready to pack his bags, though, and luckily for Brooks the Wizards' trio is committed for the long-term. 

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